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Traditional Joint Supplements Show
No Long-Term Benefit According to a Recently Published Study in the New England Journal of Medicine

Do you take or are you considering taking a Glucosamine supplement for Arthritis or other chronic joint problem? If so, the results of several recently published studies may prompt you to reconsider your approach. With over 55% of Americans suffering from joint problems the recent news has shocked doctors and patients around the country. The effectiveness of Glucosamine has been controversial for years and these recent studies provide new evidence that Glucosamine does not provide the benefit it was thought to offer.

Glucosamine, a popular supplement for arthritis,osteoarthritis, and joint deterioration has shown no long-term beneficial effect according to a study of 1583 patients conducted by a team of medical doctors incooperation with the University of Utah School o fMedicine. The results of this new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in February of 2006 shed fresh new light on the lack of effectiveness of these controversial Glucosamine products. Glucosamine has been the number one selling dietary supplement in the United States for joint problems since the late 1990's. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have been taking Glucosamine up to twice daily in the hopes offinding relief from problem joint conditions. This study confirms that Glucosamine is not the answer people once thought it was.

What other alternatives are available to those suffering from problematic joints? Many doctors are now recommending a more natural approach. According a recent study from Harvard University of 22,000 patients in the Mediterranean Region, they found individualswho were aging but still extremely healthy. In fact, the University of Sweden confirmed that certain elements of the Greek diet actually help to improve joint problems dramatically. These studies indicate that it is possible

to get relief from joint problems naturally without Glucosamine or Chondroitin. There is an alternative solution for those suffering from joint conditions. Many doctors are now turning to a product developed by Greek Island Labs called 'Greek Island Labs Natural Joint'. It is a unique blend of 37 natural vegetarian ingredients based on the traditional elements of the Greek diet that have been proven effective in the fight against joint problems. A large number of doctors now prefer this product over Glucosamine because it does not cause an increase in blood sugar levels. This is truly a natural approach to joint health that is generating considerable attention in the medical community. The product has even been featured recently in several prominent health magazines and the Physicians' Desk Reference for Non-Prescription Drugs and Dietary Supplements. Both users and doctors that are now recommending 'Greek Island Labs Natural Joint' have consistently reported seeing noticeable results in as little as 5 days!

Dr. Mark Binette had this to say, "As a medical doctor in practice for 18 years, this is the first time that I have seen a natural product produce results like these. I even recommended it to my own father!" The recent popularity of Greek Island Labs all-new 'Greek Island Labs Natural Joint' has even caused the online community to take notice. 'Greek Island Labs Natural Joint' has received top honors on several respected blogs and joint product review sites making it one of the most exciting new products to hit the market in several years. Retailers report brisk sales and difficulty keeping the product instock due to steadily increasing demand. For more information, visit the official Greek Island Labs Natural Joint website at:

Dr. Mark Binette M.D.

"With the recent news about the ineffectiveness of Glucosamine, what are Doctors recommending now?"

 Dr. Mark Binette M.D.

The Problem:

There are countless supplements and creams on the market for joint problems that make insane claims while failing to deliver the results that you expect. Are you tired of spending money on Glucosamine and Chondroitin based products and not seeing the results you were promised? So were over 1,583 people who participated in a study in that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Glucosamine that confirmed it did NOT work!


Finally there is a natural alternative that actually DOES work!


The natural answer that works in 5 days:

For centuries, the Greek diet and lifestyle have been clinically proven to have significant joint health benefits. Through extensive research, Greek Island Labs has unlocked the secrets of this powerful Greek wisdom and created a unique blend of 37 natural ingredients that helps to promote strong healthy joints.


Greek Island Labs Natural Joint Advanced
Promotes Flexibility and Mobility in Joints*


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